Parking Guide

For those who prefer to drive to the airport, Senai International Airport provides over 800 parking bays. Ample parking bays ensure convenient and easy access for visitors

Carpark Area First Hour Subsequent Hour
Aeromall Basement Carpark RM3.00 RM3.00
Open Carpark RM2.00 RM2.00
Premium Carpark RM5.00 RM5.00
Lost ticket RM100.00 per day

Payment : Parking fee is payable for Touch and Go card or cash at the Autopay Machine or Metro Parking Service Centre ( Open Carpark).

Discounted Long Term Parking Rates (Open Car Park)

Discounted Long Term Parking Rates
Open Car Park Rate (RM)
1 day 30.00
2 days 60.00
3 days 80.00
4 days 100.00
5 days 120.00
6 days 140.00
7 days 160.00
Basement Car Park
1 day RM 50.00
VIP/Premium Car Park
1 day RM 120.00