Offences & Penalties

LPTA 2010
Fine (RM)Imprisonment
16*Providing public service vehicle services without a licenseRM 1,000
– RM 500,000
≤ 2 years (only for a person other than a company)
22 (3)

Failure to comply with conditions attached to the operator’s licence inter alia regarding:

  • The extent, hours, frequency and routes or areas to be serviced
  • Performance level of service
  • Conduct of drivers
  • Vehicles not kept or parked at specific points
  • Specific points or points between such specific points whereby passengers shall not be taken up or set down
  • No. of passengers which are allowed to at any one time in each public service vehicle
  • Refusal to take passengers
  • Failure to display operator’s licence or produce it on demand for inspection and verification
  • Non-possession of driver’s card / Failure to display driver’s card / Expiration of driver’s card
  • Improper attire
  • Specific points designated for waiting for passengers
  • Non-usage of a taxi meter
  • Operating with a defective taxi meter
  • Modifying / illegal installation of / obstructing the view of the taximeter
  • Failure to produce receipt
  • Failure to return to base without a reasonable excuse
  • The unavailability of a second driver
  • Operating / providing different class services
RM 1,000
– RM 500,000
≤ 2 years
23 (2)

Failure to comply with the statutory conditions of the operator’s licence like:

  • Vehicle is not maintained in a fit and serviceable condition
  • Not giving utmost priority to the safety of passengers and other road users and not complying to written laws regarding speed limits, weight limit and construction, use and equipment of motor vehicle / public service vehicle
  • Not complying with the standards of performance set out by the Commission
RM 1,000
– RM 500,000
≤ 2 years
30 (2)Failure to disclose related interest in other public transport businesses and own businessesRM 1,000
– RM 10,000
≤ 6 months
31 (2)Transferring or assigning the operator’s licence without lawful excuse and authorisation by CommissionRM 1,000
– RM 10,000
≤ 1 year
71 (2)Failure to keep accounts and records as required by the Commission≤ RM 5,000≤ 1 year
72 (6)Failure to inform the Commission of items listed in section 72 LPTA 2010RM 1,000
– RM 10,000
≤ 6 months
73 (3)Alter, other than by way of replacement of parts, the structure or fixed equipment of a relevant vehicle without the approval of the CommissionRM 1,000
– RM 10,000
≤ 6 months
75 (4)*Overcharging – demand, collect and retain such fares in excess of such rates of fares as prescribed under LPTA 2010≤ RM 50,000≤ 3 years
77 (4)Failure to stop relevant vehicles or drive to a specific location as and when instructed≤ RM 5,000≤ 6 months
77 (5)Continuing to use vehicles that that have been barred by the Commission from use≤ RM 1,000≤ 3 years
78 (2)Failure to stop vehicle at roadblocks when signalled or attempting to cross or knock barriers used for roadblocks≤ RM 2,000≤ 6 months
81 (1)Failure to comply with requirements to bring relevant vehicle to a place of safety1st conviction : ≤ RM 2,0001st conviction : ≤ 6 months
2nd conviction : ≤ RM 4,0002nd conviction : ≤ 1 year
81 (2)Removing relevant vehicle from place of safety1st conviction : ≤ RM 2,0001st conviction : ≤ 6 months
2nd/subsequent conviction: ≤ RM 4,0002nd/subsequent conviction: ≤ 12 months
82 (3)Refuse / failure to comply with the order to weigh relevant vehicle1st conviction : > RM 1,0001st conviction : ≤ 3 months
2nd conviction : > RM 1,0002nd conviction : 6 months
198(5)*Carrying / depositing any dangerous or offensive goods or luggage on the relevant vehicle≤ RM 5,000≤ 7 years
199Getting into or alighting from a public service vehicle while such vehicle is in motion or travelling in a vehicle not intended for the carriage of passengers≤ RM 1,000.
200Behaving in a disorderly or offensive manner or committing any nuisance≤ RM 1,000≤ 3 months
202Committing negligent acts which endangers oneself or other passengers≤ RM 2,000≤ 6 months
203 (2)Smoking cigarettes or tobacco products in a public service vehicle≤ RM 10,000≤ 2 years
204 (1)*Making false statements for issuance of licenceRM 1,000
– RM 10,000
≤ 1 year
204 (3)*Forging, altering, tampering or defacing documents that are required to be carried or exhibitedRM 1,000
– RM 10,000
≤ 1 year
205 (1)*Soliciting or Touting≤ RM 50,000≤ 5 years
206Defrauding or attempting to defraud licensed operators of public service vehicle services which requires fares to be paid in advance≤ RM 1,000≤ 3 months