Jawatankuasa Pengangkutan Awam Johor (JPAJ)

About Jawatankuasa Pengangkutan Awam Johor (JPAJ)

The establishment of Johor Public Transport Committee is a proposal from Johor Public Masterplan (PIPAJ) to strengthen the transportation system in Johor.

Establish a one stop center aimed at coordinating, approving and handling all applications for improvements, development and services for public transport in the State of Johor

Become a platform to facilitate and speed up the decision making process on public transportation planning and development in the State of Johor.

JPAJ Function

Planning & Coordinate

To plan and coordinate all activities related to public transport within the State of Johor

Technical Advice

To examine and provide technical advice on public transportation projects of the State and Federal Government in the State of Johor

Advisory Services

To provide advisory services in the implementation, policies, policies and recommendations for the development of a public transport in the State of Johor

Decision Making

Facilitates and speeds up the decision-making process for the planning and development of public transport in the State of Johor.

Johor Public Transport Committee (JPAJ)


Y.A.B The Chief Minister of Johor


YB Chairman of Johor Public Works, Infrastructure and Transport Committee


Chief Executive Officer of Perbadanan Pengangkutan Awam Johor

Regular Members

YB Chairman of the Housing and Local Government Committee
YB State Secretary of Johor
YB Johor State Legal Advisor
YB State Financial Officer
Deputy State Secretary of Johor (Development)
Director of Johor State Land and Mines Office
Secretary of Local Government Division
Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport
Johor State Police Chief
Mayor of Johor Bahru City Council
Director of Public Works Department of Johor
Director of Department of Environment of Johor
Director of Department of Town and Country Planning Department of Johor
The Chief Executive, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA)
Director of Road Transport Department of Johor
Chief Executive Officer, Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD)
Director of the Southern Region Marine Department