The Central Ticketing System is now in Larkin Sentral

The Central Ticketing System is now in Larkin Sentral

As you know, Larkin Sentral has started operations on centralized ticketing or Centralized Ticketing System since 15 December 2017.

To buy express bus tickets, there are several ways to choose:
1) Purchase in the self service ticket kiosk
2) Purchase at ticket counter number 1 – 8
3) Purchase online or at the operators counter manually

Every passenger who buys a ticket will have a boarding pass that allows you (pass holder) to enter and wait in the departure gate.

So if you buy tickets in the third way ie online purchases like,, and other online mediums or buy tickets at the operators counter manually, you need to go to the counter number 9 – 14 for exchange and get a boarding pass.

Each entry is equipped with passenger information, travel information and QR Code. You need to scan the QR Code on the scanner before you are allowed to enter the room waiting for the departure hall.

Do not worry, now you can wait comfortably and safely in the departure hall before the bus ride.

Hallway departing for domestic and international express buses is 3 – 14 doors and you are required to enter the departure hall 30 minutes before departure. Oh, and there’s a comfortable air conditioner inside the waiting hall to depart!

For now, Larkin Sentral is still in full swing with a new face in stages. Can not wait to see the new face of Larkin Sentral completely in 2018!

In the meantime, we first share the purchase of a bus ticket tutorial video through our self-service kiosk for all reference. Happy wandering!.