Transit For Johor is a mobile apps functions as a personalised travel guide for Bas Muafakat Johor

Users are able to check on the bus route, location of buses, organize and plan their destinations by using smart phone anywhere and anytime.

To all Johorean get connected and start your destination with Transit For Johor.

Discover the best way to travel with Bas Muafakat Johor. TFJ goes beyond most journey planners to provide you a comprehensive list of Bas Muafakat Johor routes options, so that you can travel the way that suits you most. Say goodbye to getting lost in the man-made wilderness.

Journey Planner

Planning your trip has never been easier with Transit For Johor. This app will guide the user step by step the best ways to your destination.

Favourite Routes

Transit For Johor also helps the user to organise their favourite routes and places.

Estimated Time Arrival (ETA)

Estimated Time Arrival (ETA) will get the user faster than ever with real-time updates on Bas Muafakat Johor. It helps you to search your nearby bus stop and bus route of Bas Muafakat Johor with details.


User can write feedback or any suggestions regarding on Bas Muafakat Johor

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