The good governance of a nation is not solely measured in terms of social, economic achievement, administrative and management. In fact, to be acknowledge as developed country, systematic governance with safe, efficient, accessible, planned, integrated and sustainable transportation system is a must. Therefore, to drive the smooth, systematic and effective governance, the Johor State Government has proposed to set up Public Transport Unit (UPA) under the administration of local authorities as the initiative to ensure the public transportation planning in Johor state can be developed effectively and successfully. Guidelines for Public Transport Unit (UPA) is provided to ensure the establishment of the Public Transport Unit in each Johor Local Authorities are in line with the requirements and standards from Johor Public Transport Corporation (PAJ). This guideline provides an initial overview to the local authorities about the function of this unit in monitoring the implementation of comprehensive, effective, efficient and sustainable public transport system.
The main objectives of Public Transport Unit Guideline are:-

  1. As references to Johor State Local Authorities
  2. To identify potential scope of work for Public Transport Unit (UPA)
  3. To provides guidelines related to public transport
  4. To set up a comprehensive and efficient Public Transport Unit (UPA) in accordance with PAJ requirements and standards
  5. To assist Johor State Local Authorities in determining the mechanism and direction of Public Transport Unit (UPA)
  6. To ensure Public Transport Unit (UPA) to implement the plans in Johor Public Transport Master Plan (PIPAJ)