Fixing corrupted system files is sometimes difficult, and if you can’t repair the files with the SFC tool, you’ll need to use the DISM tool instead. If issues persist, you’ll have to reset your PC or perform a clean install, but all these methods will help fix corrupted files free of cost. CHKDSK is a Windows utility designed to scan for and repair system errors. It checks whether a file’s size, location, and other system information matches the data that’s actually on the disk.

EaseUS bootable data recovery software is my recommendation. It enables you to boot into your system with a WinPE bootable disk when you are faced with Windows 10 WHEA uncorrectable error. The WHEA uncorrectable error is a stop code displayed during blue screen crashes and is usually due to hardware failure. Go to your BIOS and change to factory settings. If you can get the Laptop to work my advice is to get the latest video card drivers if possible.

How to Find Out Why Your Windows PC Crashed or Froze

To do that, remove one stick and run the test or check for the BSOD. It should be an Information event whose timestamp corresponds with the time the Windows Memory Diagnostic completed its scan. Switch to the right side of the window and click on the Find option. Use the Win + S keyboard shortcut to launch Windows search.

  • Whea Uncorrectable Error is often caused by SSD problems, therefore we suggest using specialized BSOD repair software such as Restoro to Visit Site fix it.
  • We had a similar problem on generating a PDF or resize image using ImageProcessor lib on production server.
  • This will fix any problems with your hardware.
  • When it is scanning your drive, you can pause or stop the scanning process by clicking the Pause or Stop button.

For more detailed information on this configuration option take a look at “Bind Docker to another host/port or a unix socket” section of the Docker CLI Reference article. When apps crash, they generate logs containing information related to where the issues causing the crash occurred. Looking at these logs is a great place to start your effort toward diagnosing and fixing the crash. You can access the developer menu by shaking your device or by selecting “Shake Gesture” inside the Hardware menu in the iOS Simulator. You can also use the ⌘D keyboard shortcut when your app is running in the iOS Simulator, or ⌘M when running in an Android emulator on Mac OS and Ctrl+M on Windows and Linux.

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I replied yesterday that I need to try to reproduce the bug you reported. So until I have done that I have no idea of work arounds either, as I have not looked at the issue yet. Intel has extended Photoshop to take advantage of the latest image compression methods (BCn/DXT) via plugin. The purpose of this plugin is to provide a tool for artists to access superior compression results at optimized compression speeds within Photoshop.

To check for an update on your drivers without going to safe mode, follow the step-by-step guide below. The Windows 10 Whea Uncorrectable Error blue screen errors are frustrating. If you have removed whea uncorrectable stop code with the above fixes, please don’t hesitate to share it with more friends who have the same issue. Faulty RAM/memory is another hardware issue that can cause the WHEA uncorrectable error, and the easiest way to check for this is with a free memory diagnostic tool. If one of these tools says you have bad memory, replacing your RAM may eliminate your WHEA uncorrectable error. In addition to faulty hardware, this error message can also result from driver conflicts and missing Windows updates that cause hardware to work or not work in unexpected ways.