Retail Spaces

Need a strategic location where you can reach a wide audience? Rent our Retail Space and enjoy the benefits of wide exposure to your presence, products and services.

Retail and Leasing

More than 100,000 viewers are in our network daily. Engage them through your presence in our network. Choose from a variety of leases to suit your business needs


1. Digital (TV) ads spaces for lease
2. Bus exterior / interior ads spaces for lease



Located at high traffic stations/ buses, our promotional spaces are ideal platforms to reach a wide consumer segment


1. Promotions
2. Flyers and Sampling Distribution
3. Designing / Planning



Get closer to your customers with our bus ads spaces for lease, Promotions, Flyers and Sampling Distribution.

Let us help you and kindly contact our Business and Development Department:-

[email protected] or contact us @ 07-241 4477