26th of March 2014, Johor State Government announces Perbadanan PAIM; a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) wholly owned by Johor State Secretary Incorporation (SSI), should expand its roles and responsibility of overseeing, developing and monitoring the public transport industry towards all area in Johor with the main objective of giving good public transport system to the people of Johor. This mandate is given by Y.A.B Dato’ Mohamed Khaled Bin Nordin based on Perbadanan Pengangkutan Awam Johor (PAJ) performance.

Perbadanan Pengangkutan Awam Johor (PAJ) has 6 members of board comprising representatives from the federal and state government and private sectors. Y.A.B Dato’ Mohamed Khaled Bin Nordin, the Honorouble Chief Minister of Johor is the Chairman of the board. The Board of Directors is assisted in the discharge of its duties. The management team of this SPV is headed by its Chief Executive, Tuan Haji Suhairi bin Haji Hashim.

Upon this expansion, a special unit; ‘Unit Pengangkutan Awam’ from 16 local councils from every district in Johor is formed and this unit is responsible to report directly to Perbadanan PAJ pertaining to any public transport matters in Johor.


Registration name change Pengangkutan Awam Iskandar Malaysia (PAIM) to Perbadanan Pengangkutan Awam JohorSdn. Bhd. (PAJ) in SSM.

Establishment PAJ under the Government of the visits can ensure the implementation of policies and strategies designed to strengthen public transport services in Johor.

PAJ Vision

Public transport as the preferred mode in the state of Johor by the year 2045.

PAJ Mision

i) Being a major reference agencies in terms of public transport in the state of Johor and national levels.

ii) Being the lead agency for managing and developing the public transport system in the trust in the state.

iii) Being a facilitator and coordinator of the agencies that are effective in addressing issues related to public transport.

PAJ Function

Referring UPEN (j) 9-7 / 1/33 1)
1) Establish policies and standards / guidelines for a more local nature and culture based on local demand. It covers public transport, especially buses and taxi include:

i) Operational Performance Standards

ii) Performance Standards Service

iii) Standards Branding Initiative

It includes the provision of Public Transport Master Plan Johor containing the Regional Public Transport Action Plan for each district.

2) Improve infrastructure and regulate the operation and maintenance of public transport services together with agencies, local authorities and airlines operators. It aims to strengthen the provision of infrastructure and public transport services in line with the Regional Public Transport Action Plan.

3) Play a greater role and be proactive for the preparation and performance monitoring of the quality of public transport services to the people

4) Become One-Stop Center to evaluate and monitor the development of more optimal land use and taking into account the provision of infrastructure and public transport services across the country.

5) To provide advice and consultation to all Public Transport Unit established in each local authority districts.